Driving theory test questions
We're up to date! Our site includes the DVSA revision question changes made Jan 2018

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Driving Theory Test Questions

Welcome to Driving Theory Test Questions. We have ALL the DVSA multiple choice theory revision questions for car drivers. Sign up now to access FREE tests and premium membership options to practice ALL 960 questions.

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Theory Test Questions

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The first part of the driving theory test contains 45 multiple choice questions and one case study.

Give yourself the best chance of passing the test first time with Driving Theory Test Questions.

We have ALL the theory test revision questions for car drivers that will help you prepare for the multiple choice element of the theory test.

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Hazard Perception

hazard perceptionNot all hazards are as easy to spot as this banana skin.

The theory test will include 14 hazard perception clips in which you must identify the hazards.

We have 8 hazard clips for you to pit your wits against. Click when you identify the hazard and see how you scored at the end of the clip.

Try a sample Hazard Perception Clip and see if you can spot the hazard.

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We have ALL the car multiple choice theory questions

We know that in order to pass your theory test, you want more than just the option to practice all the revision question. That's why we've included many mock tests, and the ability to review your performance on each and every question. You can also view just questions that you have got wrong, giving a focused revision option for you just before you take your test.

Many students, when they come to study the theory test, comment that they find many of the answers to be simple common sense, but it is hard to know which questions require knowledge that they are unlikely to have without wading through all the common sense questions first, which can be time consuming. Therefore we've compiled a list of the Hardest theory test questions based on our member's results at these questions to again provide a focused exercise where you can test yourself against these questions.

We've even written driving theory multiple choice revision notes containing key facts that you will need to know to answer the revision questions correctly. You can access all of these as a member of the site, reading these revision notes before your test would be great preparation once you have practiced each and every question.

We've also written a detailed article on the hazard perception test, answering the most frequently asked questions candidates have about this test. Finally remember that whilst you will want to pass your theory test first time, and we have tried to put as many resources in place to help our members do that, the theory test is ultimately about making you a more knowledgeable, aware and thus safer driver; if approached in this way you should find studying for the test useful preparation for when you are on the road. Good luck with your preparation and theory test!