Driving theory test questions
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Case Study

The purpose of the case study is to ensure that you have understanding of the rules of the road and driving theory. Your driving theory test will have one case study question which will count for a total of 5 marks. Together with the 45 marks available for the multiple choice element of the test, this means there are a total of 50 marks available for this part of the theory test. You must score 43/50 to pass this part of the test.

What is a driving theory test case study, and what sort of questions will you be asked as part of this test?

The case study will give you some background information or a scenario, and then ask you questions based on that scenario. If you studied a language at school then in the oral test you will be familiar with the idea of being given a scenario or a case study for discussion. In the driving theory test, you will be asked questions based on the scene that is set in the case study. Don't get put off by the way it is presented being different to the multiple choice questions: if you know and understand driving theory and the rules of the road you should not find it any harder to answer successfullly than the multiple choice element of the test.

Below is a case study example. Read through it to familiarise yourself with the case study and how it works.

case study

driving theory case study

driving case study

theory test case study

driving test case study