Driving theory test questions
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Driving Theory Test Revision Notes

On the computerPreparing for any test can be a stressful experience. When you prepare for the multiple-choice theory test, you will practice the DVSA revision question bank, which you can do here at Driving Theory Test Questions.

Most students report back that they find most questions to be common sense, however there are a considerable number that require knowledge to be learnt that you won't necessarily know before studying: for instance how long a Statutory Off Road Notification is valid for, or the exact times when it is prohibited to use your horn in a built-up area.

Therefore we've prepared a list packed with useful facts and figures for you, containing lots of key pieces of information like the facts, above, the colours of reflective studs on motorways, stopping distances and much more besides.

Here is the list of revision notes, we hope you find it useful - and good luck with your test!

  • A vehicle with a trailer is restricted to 60mph on a motorway.

  • A steady amber light is the first sign of a train coming at a level crossing, followed by flashing red lights.

  • Motorcycles under 50cc can't use motorways, or farm tractors, horse riders, cyclists or learner car drivers, or learner motorcyclists.

  • Amber reflective studs are found on the right-hand edge of carriageway by central reservation; between the lanes are white. Green between a motorway and a sliproad. Red studs on the left of a carriageway. Bright green/yellow: roadwords and contraflow systems.

  • At a puffin crossing there is no flashing amber stage as they are auto-controlled: unlike a pelican crossing.

  • A SORN - Statutory Off Road Notification - lasts for 12 months.

  • Flashing red stop lights can be seen at: lifting bridges, level crossings and fire stations.

  • You can receive a fine of up to £5,000 for driving without insurance.

  • In some built-up areas, you may find the speed limit reduced to 20 mph.

  • An area for trams might be indicated by white line markings, different coloured surface, and a different surface texture.
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