Driving theory test questions
We're up to date! Our site includes the DVSA revision question changes made Jan 2018

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Free Driving Theory Tests

We have three free driving theory tests that you can complete, both of which contain 15 questions.

Here's how the tests work: pick one of the two links below to the free tests, and the first question will appear. These are timed sets of fifteen actual driving theory test revision questions for car drivers.

Details of the question and instructions as to how to answer the question will be given with each. The question may be text based or it may have a visual element, either in the question or the answers may require to choose for instance a road sign. Knowledge and understanding text will also be displayed in blue alongside the question and answer options.

You should mark the number of answers that is stated in the question by ticking the appropriate tick boxes. If you are unsure of any answers then you can flag them and return to them at the end.

Free Tests

Please choose your preferred option below. 'Test mode' functions like a proper test and you will not know how you performed on each question until the end of the test.

In 'feedback mode' you will be told whether you answered each question correctly or incorrectly as you go along. This mode is useful if you just want to try a few questions and find out straight away the answer to each one.

In both modes you will be able to skip questions, go back and forward through the questions and change your answers as much as you like. Click 'finish' to stop the tests at any point.

Test NumberTest ModeFeedback Mode Availability
Test 1
Test ModeFeedback Mode FREE for all visitors
Test 2
Test ModeFeedback Mode FREE for Registered members (free to sign-up)
Test 3
Test ModeFeedback Mode FREE for Registered members (free to sign-up)

The image below illustrates the interface for the theory test questions:

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