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The Driving Standards Agency

The Driving Standards Agency has a website at www.dsa.gov.uk.

They are an executive agency within the Department for Transport in the UK.

They deliver tests for theory and practical tests, and this is done from around 140 theory test centres and in addition 400 driving test centres.

To find out more about the DSA, you can visit their website at the link above, they have an informative website that covers their core areas of operation in more detail, gives information on their policy, research and also enables you to access many popular services online.

From the DSA website you will be able to book a theory test and a practical test, together with finding your nearest test centre for both theory and practical tests. The page to access those links is called 'Do it online' at this web address: http://www.dsa.gov.uk/Category.asp?cat=661

They are responsible for the regulation of driving instructors and trainers and for conducting theory and practical driving tests.

This website focuses on one element of the DSA's work - the theory tests. Since 1996 it has been the case that new learner drivers have had to take a theory test before the practical test, and the test covers a large range of aspects of driving theory.

Taken with a computer, it contains a multiple choice questions test and a hazard perception test. On this site we have the official questions that appear for car drivers in the multiple choice element of that theory test reproduced under licence.

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Practice Theory Test Question

Do you know the answer to this randomly chosen driving theory test revision question?

You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road. Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles. What should you do? A) Stop and then move forward slowly and carefully for a proper view B) Move quickly to where you can see so you only block traffic from one direction C) Wait for a pedestrian to let you know when it is safe for you to emerge D) Turn your vehicle around immediately and find another junction to use

You can check your answer and practice all official revision questions

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