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Typical brake faults outlined

The brakes are a mechanical object and so it is possible that they will develop problems and not function the way that they should be. This is clearly very dangerous because brakes are one of the most important safety elements of a car enabling you to drive safely, both for your own safety and that of fellow road users.

One of the most common types of brake fault results in your car pulling you slightly to one side when you brake which you experience as an unequal force on the car when braking. This usually occurs when the brakes are not correctly adjusted therefore leading to more or less braking on one side and the resultant pull.

Another common problem is when on pressing the brake pedal it doesn't feel quite right or as it normally does. If it feels spongy then this is often caused by there being air trapped in the system, and you should not drive the car in those conditions but get it checked by an expert immediately.

Sometimes you won't have the above problems but the brakes don't seem quite as effective as they were. The wear and tear on brake pads may mean that they need to be replaced, or the brakes may require some adjusting. They can also get overheated, and as with any brake problems you should get urgent assistance.

One of the lights in the car that you might not think much about is a brake warning light, but when it does come on then you need to pay attention because it probably indicates either a system fault or a problem with the pads or the brake fluid being low so again get this checked out.

Finally the hand brake itself can stop holding your car as it should on an inclined plane and can either need an adjustment made or perhaps have the cable replaced. So these are common brake faults that you might encounter as a driver.

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You are using a rear-facing baby seat. You want to put it on the front passenger seat which is protected by a frontal airbag. What MUST you do before setting off? A) deactivate the airbag B) turn the seat to face sideways C) ask a passenger to hold the baby D) put the child in an adult seat belt

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