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Free Hazard Perception Video

The hazard perception test will ask you to watch a series of video clips, and click when you are aware of a hazard. The earlier you click during the window when the hazard is on screen, the more you can score.

Here is a free hazard perception video for you to practice on.

Press the 'play' button to start the clip once the video has fully loaded (the progress bar disappears). When you think you see a hazard, click the mouse anywhere over the video. A small flag will appear on the timeline to show your click has been accepted. Do not click too many times. At the end of the clip you will be awarded a mark out of five. You should click when you see a hazard, but also just in case you have come in before the scoring window, you might like to make another click a second or so later. The higher scoring click (assuming you click during the scoring window) will be taken.

The earlier you spot the hazard during the scoring window, the more points you can receive. If you click outside the scoring window, your click will be ignored. Note that in the actual hazard perception test if you click too many times then you will automatically score zero on that question, this is to guard against someone simply clicking throughout the clip. If you click too many times here, the video will end prematurely.


Once you have finished with the clip, you can view a second clip that circles the appropriate hazard that you needed to find.

About this clip: The source material for this clip is from the DSA, however the DSA does not make available the actual clips that will be part of your theory test as otherwise candidates could simply learn when to click and therefore this would fail to test your hazard awareness. Therefore the hazard perception clips on this site are there to familiarise yourself with what you can expect in terms of length of the videos and the sorts of hazards you might encounter. The actual test clips and the functionality of the test will be different.