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Reversing Exercises in the driving test

There are three reversing exercises that you could be tested on in the driving practical test.

You will be asked to perform two out of these three so that the person undertaking your test (the examiner) can ascertain your ability in handling the car during reversing manouevres.

The three exercises that two will be chosen from are listed below:

  • reverse parking
  • turning in the road
  • reversing around a corner

You will also learn how to do an emergency stop during your driving lessons; it is possible but not mandatory that you will be required to perform an emergency stop during your driving test.

As with your lessons, you will be told by the examiner what route you should follow, and in fact you should try to drive in the way that you were taught by your instructor: don't change your approach for the examiner, and don't be too anxious - if you make a mistake try not to let it affect you. You are allowed up to 15 faults (serious or dangerous faults automatically lead to failure).

This means that you could actually have no minor errors (driving faults) but have one major error (serious) and actually fail your test; this is because it is deemed the sort of mistake that means you have not performed at a safe level whereas minor faults need to be corrected but are not serious enough by themselves to mean that you are an unsafe driver.

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You are going through a congested tunnel and have to stop. What should you do? A) pull up very close to the vehicle in front to save space B) ignore any message signs as they are never up to date C) keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front D) make a U-turn and find another route

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